I never betrayed the revolution!

The Darkness
1 December

Neat stuff about me:

    Things about me:
  • I'm a boy.
  • I'm a screenwriter.
  • I have two degrees, neither of which are terribly useful.
  • I'm Italian (Well, genetically, anyway.)
  • I go berserk over redheads.
  • Half the time I'm bored, half the time horny. (Otherwise known as the, "Male Menstrual Cycle.")

    I am not:
  • A "team player"
  • A "go-getter"
  • A "class act"
  • "Quite a guy"
  • A "mover"
  • A "shaker"
  • A "player"
  • "With the program"
  • "On the ball"
  • "On board"
  • "On track"
  • "Inside the box"
  • "Outside the box"
  • Within the proximity of any box
  • "In touch with my feelings"
  • "In a good place"
  • "Mellow"

...and if you are any of these things, go fuck yourself.
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