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Good mood
Am riding into work again now that it's warmed up a bit. I can hack riding in the Summer heat - even the Arizona Summer heat, believe it or not - but when it's cold, forget it. Hell, my ears feel like they're going to freeze off now, and it's only 57° outside.

Had a wonderful weekend with the GF again. This Wednesday is our anniversary - 1 year! One whole, uninterrupted year! I've never been with anyone for a whole UNINTERRUPTED year, a year where I don't get dumped and then reunified with or anything. This lady is the one - we just click. We haven't had one fight all year, and both of us have been saying, "any day now, we've GOT to have one." But no, we just agree on roughly everything, and I love the way she's different from me, and she apparently loves all the ways I'm a total geek and she isn't.

For example, she let me BrightKite from Disneyland and Disney World. She doesn't care that I'm Mr. Social Media Documentarian, and I trust her on this whole, "no really, Disney really IS the most magical place on Earth." BTW, she's right. 

And who the hell would have thought I would have ever gone to Disneyland? Much less Disney World!?!

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congrats on the year! i know what you mean about the "just clicking" thing -- when it works, it just works. it definitely is a nice change of pace from all of the other doodie we have had to endure!

happy happy!

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Aw. That's so sweet.

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