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Too much audio posts?
Good mood
As sluggo4 is so quick to point out, I may be leaning too heavily on Utterz for posting here. Thing is, it really is a great quick way to leave info on here, and I hate not always having something to write in with.

It's funny how social media makes you lazy. Twitter only wants 140 characters, not several paragraphs. Utterz requires no writing talent - just a willingness to babble. So that means it's been a while since I've left a real post.

Thursday I present to the agency a thing on why social media is so important to them, and I am shitting my pants over it. :( I wish I would STOP getting myself into situations where I need to PERFORM! It's like I have a fantasy that I like being on stage, and when it's time to go up, I remember how much I HATE being on stage!

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Too MANY audio posts.

On-Star automatic crash response is built in.

Re: Too MANY audio posts.

Yeah, I guess I have been audio posting too much - I forgot how to form words rightly.

Re: Too MANY audio posts.

But your voice is so silky. Reminds me of Art Blanco, only not so mean and abrasive.

Re: Too MANY audio posts.

Yeah! See? If we had access to this kind of tech 20 years ago, we would so be coming up with the most brilliant shit to never get around to actually doing, and some other stuff we would do that would be completely hilarious. To us. And no one else.

And there is no five letter word for arm bone. You sure it wasn't a four letter word? (ulna)

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