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Guessing I should finally scrap my LJ blog
Good mood
I started blogging on LJ in 2002 as a means of coping with exile from Los Angeles, painful break-ups I never seemed able to handle, and, frankly, my own insanity.

Eight years later, and I'm on a number of different sites, my original LJ crew have largely moved on to other sites as well, and I just don't check in here like I used to.

Not to mention LiveJournal now has some of the most obnoxious full-screen ads running when you hit a blog and you aren't signed in. I guess they're finally, completely fucked.

So not much of an announce, really, that I'm ending my LJ blog. I can't remember the last time I was here, and then it was to post a video. Like any other Internet tourist.

Ah the memories - I hope I'm able to find a scraper that will let me save all my posts here since I started. It really was a nice thing to have during my 30s.


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