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Silk Spectre
Good mood
Hey blogdrassil - saw Watchmen this weekend and this made me think of the old Spectre board. I don't suppose Silk Spectre is why you chose that name for the old board, was it? Just curious.

Otherwise.... redheads and retro is always a winning combination!

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brunettes > redheads. Even today!

Nope-- it was an acronym from when it was an editorial site (you know, before I tried real drugs).

I did, however, buy this bathing suit a few weeks ago. I can't wait to make everyone else feel overexposed!

Re: brunettes > redheads. Even today!

It's so you! Though somehow it needs a white collar with black polka dots.

Re: brunettes > redheads. Even today!

Actually, I may be thinking of a wrap for it. Never mind me - it's my inner gay getting all designery.

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